victorianlost asked: No cell phones, no cable TV, no internet, our feet were grounded in real earth, natural earth, dirty, greasy, lovely, loving, colors flying, sky illuminated, anti war, pro love, hitchhiking, tents, teepees, real music, hair, under arm hair, pubic hair, days that lasted 48 hours, CSN&Y, Joni, and the promise we would save this world.

This sounds perfectttttttt.

Tuesday Jan 28 03:54pm

Anonymous asked: come back please!!! We miss your posts... Hey, and I know its a weird question but I really need an advice! do you know how to call a hippie guy's attention? something really specific not only 'being myself' or that.. do you know any tips??? xxxo p&l

This is very sweet! I do plan on making a return, I will probably make a queue sometime today! :)

I don’t really agree with trying to call a specific stereotype. You’re supposed to fall for whoever is right for you. However, if you insist, I believe if you have that hippie vibe around you, then people who want to associate with that vibe will hang around you. If that makes any sense?

If you like someone specifically, find out what makes them tick! (Use your best social network stalking skills). Make conversation with him about the things he likes. Be like “Hey, I noticed you like *insert interest here*” Ect, ect.

I’m the worst at giving advice, but I hope this helps! <3

Tuesday Jan 28 03:50pm

Anonymous asked: Where have you been lately? I've missed the updates!

I’ve been a busy busy bee lately!

I’m back at University, so it’s hard to find the time to do anything right now! But I’m home for the holidays next week; I will be back online then, flower! :)

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